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Dec 27, 2019 01:34 am    

In recent years, with the popularity of large screen smart phones, mobile phone cases have become "popular", and "mobile phone + finished mobile phone case" has become a standard configuration. However, this situation is changing significantly.The finished mobile phone shell is gradually neglected, while the customized phone cases is favored by consumers, which has become a trend.

Personalized custom phone cases is popular

Different from the previous finished mobile phone shell, the customized mobile phone shell is a unique customized mobile phone shell made of the exclusive elements such as photos, signatures, QR codes, logos, etc. Because it is tailor-made and personalized, it is favored by consumers.
Personalized custom phone cases is popular

According to the general manager of a mobile phone case customized sales company, their company's mobile phone case customized sales this year than last year increased 180 percent. The reason for these users to buy customized mobile phone case is that the finished mobile phone case is mass goods, with serious homogeneity, no difference, style are the same. And individual character makes to order mobile phone case is different, this is tailor-made for the customer, will belong to limited edition to the customer.
Personalized custom phone cases is popular

The same is the mobile phone case, consumers prefer personalized customized mobile phone case, can be the lovers, children, idol photos into mobile phone case, for consumers, this feeling is better.

At the party, there was a girl in her twenties, dressed in fashion. She has customized three mobile phone cases on the Internet. When I asked her why she did so much, she said that she used to buy mobile phone cases to prevent falling, but now she not only needs to prevent falling, but also needs personality. She has three mobile phones, with different patterns customised to help distinguish them. In addition, when friends gather, everyone's cell phone is the same , "now it's ok, there will be no mistake, because there is my own personalized customization. Moreover, now is the era of individual consumption, heavy mobile phone case, do not do individual customization, graph what ah?"

This is a manifestation of modern consumption concept: the pursuit of individuality, not willing to mediocrity.And the change of consumption idea, what bring is the change of mobile phone shell market consumption trend: mobile phone shell finished product market gradually snub, individual character makes tide.

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