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Autumn and winter are also suitable for the season of going out to play. Every season, there are many users who want to customize the hoodie hoodies. At that time, it was an autumn, the weather was not hot or cold, and the long-lost friends wore custom-made personalized hoodies to play together.

Personalized hoodie custom process introduction

Nowadays, the custom-made hoodies are custom-made. In general, the partners are all custom-made to customize the hoodie. The core of the hoodie is the pattern design, but for the students, the price budget is generally between 30-40. I remember that when I first customized the hoodie hoodie, I didn’t know the process, which caused the time to be insufficient, so that the manufacturer’s hastily rushed to make it. So, what are the customization processes for the individual hoodie?

Personalized hoodie custom process introduction

  1. Find a personalized hoodie manufacturers: find manufacturers can find online, but for the current students, in order to save the budget, generally will be purchased on a treasure. There is no problem with this, but now the channel to buy a hoodie, looking for a manufacturer does not have to be found on a treasure.


  1. Design a personalized hoodie pattern: design patterns, if you have art cells, you can design yourself. If not, you can find the pattern on the Internet, then send it to the manufacturer, tell the manufacturer your needs, let the manufacturer help you change. Of course, you can also give the manufacturers some confidence in your class, so that manufacturers can help design. Finally, according to the pattern, select the corresponding printing process.
  2. Choose a personality hoodie style: personalized hoodie custom style is more popular is raglan or color collar, color edge is received a lot of variety shows, now is the explosion, many students will be accompanied by custom-made sports pants, and then Add a baseball uniform, very nice. Of course, in terms of style, the solid color style is never out of date.
  3. Put into production: This process takes about 3 days, it takes 1 day to produce clothes, 1 day to process printing, 1 day for packaging and shipping, about 3 days, and 1 to 3 days for logistics delivery.
    Personalized hoodie custom process introduction


  1. Acceptance of goods: inspection needs to pay attention to check the thread, printed, clothes are damaged, if the washing clothes encounter fading situation does not need to worry, this is not faded, is floating, especially black.
    We customize the pattern of personalized hoodies online . It is the most common mode. We have to carefully identify the capabilities of custom manufacturers in the process of looking for custom manufacturers of hoodies. The personalized hoodies made by a high-quality hoodie custom manufacturer are in the style of tailoring or pattern. The printing process is even better.

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