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Dec 24, 2019 03:41 am    

All the time, we are pursuing our own individuality. Whether it is their own needs, or gift special have a very strong demand for this!! There are also in recent years the popularity of star support activities and so on, all need a special gift!

Personalized pillowcase custom:DIY craft you don't know

Custom throw pillow arises at the historic moment, it is to attract the eyeball of people not only, and it is very practical articles for daily use. Can do adornment of home sofa, can do daily cushion for leaning on, can nap sleeps to use, still can keep warm to wait a moment. Different scene, pillow has different intimate use. Suitable for people of all ages, it is really a sweet gift.
Personalized pillowcase custom:DIY craft you don't know

In the past, the pillow was only a solid color or monochrome pattern, lack of a different personalization. It's different now! You can choose to customize scenery, cartoons, pets, or even best friend photos, wedding photos, family photos and so on.You can have everything you want. You can custom your own creative pillowcase. The world's unique pillow, custom price is also very civilian!
Personalized pillowcase custom:DIY craft you don't know

So how can these unique patterns be customized on the pillowcase?

The general process of pillow customization includes the following steps:

First, choose any picture.There are not too many requirements for the picture, but the original picture will have a stronger printing effect. For example, if you print a blurred picture of a person directly on a pillow, it will also be relatively blurred, but if it's a high-definition original picture, even hair can be printed clearly! This is the importance of the picture!Choose a good picture , do not need you to master the computer, ps, easy to do!

Second, choose the size of the pillowcase print.
You can choose the size of the printed pillowcase according to your needs.

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