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Everyone is a unique individual, we are all ordinary, we all want to create different marks to mark our own personality, verify our differences, maybe you are still young, you have been working hard for many years, but custom personality T-shirt diy, create your own t-shirt, this is our way of life!

Personalized T-shirt DIY, create your own custom T-shirt

You can customize your own personalized T-shirt DIY, or you can create a group t-shirt together. There are not so many constraints and constraints, patterns, styles, fabrics, crafts, you have to choose. Since it is built for yourself, don't take care of that much!
Custom t-shirts have always advocated personality, no personality T-shirt design, is a piece of clothing without a soul, it can not represent anything!
Personalized T-shirt DIY, create your own t-shirt custom steps
The first step is to choose the pattern that your team likes, considering whether to use a big picture or a small picture. The small picture can be placed on the chest, on the left or on the right side, diy, willful, no need to think too much. But if you have a big picture, you have to think a lot. When you choose a pattern, you may like it, but the pattern may not fit or it may be too small. At this time, the designer of the art professional can help you solve these problems and create your own personality T-shirt.

Personalized T-shirt DIY, create your own custom T-shirt

In the second step, in the style provided by the customer service, choose the collar of the t-shirt, round neck, stand collar and lapel. This is not a big difference. Many people prefer the t-shirts because they look more casual. But do not rule out the personality we need to look for, you can try the biy t-shirt made of lapel, maybe create a unique style.

Personalized T-shirt DIY, create your own custom T-shirt


The third step is to determine the style, and then the rest is given to the custom. But please indicate how many t-shirts and sizes you want to customize.
In the era of individuality, everyone wants to have the ability to express their own words on behalf of their own products. Personalized T-shirt customization can print our inner voice through the printing process on the T-shirt, practical and simple to look good .

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