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May 06, 2020 08:55 am    

The most cost-effective way to make a somewhat out-of-date room or sofa fashionable is to choose some new pillow covers.The personalized printed pillow cover can be used as a test field to choose the color system of home decoration. Before repainting the whole room and replacing all furniture, first use the pillow cover of the selected color system to test whether the new color can bring satisfactory results, and then gradually change all parts of the room according to the economic situation.

 brings outdoor natural scenery into the indoor, plant and floral patterns pillow cover

The plant and flower patterns pillow cover can bring the outdoor natural scenery into the room. In addition, we can put some green leafy plants together with the wild landscape photos taken during the trip, which will give the home a natural and fresh feeling.

 modern, abstract consciousness, floral, printed,  pillow cover

The introduction of outdoor natural scenery into the interior does not need to strictly select the traditional flower patterns. Those flower patterns printed on the fabrics with clear texture patterns with modern or even abstract consciousness can sometimes give people the feeling of integrating nature into the reinforced concrete urban jungle. The choice of color doesn't have to be limited to the fixed color system of plants and flowers. You can boldly use metal colors such as gold or silver, or increase sunshine feeling through the line or plate design of the pillow cover.

 shines in front of people's eye ,chic pillow cover

Bring the warmth of the interior to the outdoors. By using the personalized print pillow cover, we can create a warm and comfortable environment like the interior in the balcony, rooftop, and courtyard, and also realize the transition from indoor nature to outdoor style. It is not necessary to stick to the traditional design and color of decorative throw pillows, and the color is not necessarily limited to the natural color system. In the outdoor environment dominated by the natural earth color and green, the unique throw pillow will make people bright.

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