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Dec 11, 2019 03:10 am    

Our life is in a hurry, heavy work, heavy pressure, and heavy backpacks on our shoulders every day, adding a burden to our life. Change for another mood, please choose a lighter create tote bag.

Please choose a lighter tote bag

A survey by the British chiropractic association found that more than half of women suffer from backpack pain. Backpack is too heavy to the human body damage is omnidirectional. In an adult spine, such as a crane, the left side of the load, the spine will bend to the left. If the left shoulder weighs 5 kg, the right muscle may have to produce 15 to 20 kg of force to maintain balance. Over time, this force will eventually compress the lumbar spine. Scoliosis is not only bad for beauty but also bad for health. Scientists suggest that the ideal weight for a backpack should be no more than three kilograms.
Please choose a lighter tote bag

The classic and invincible fashion concept of tote bag, together with the unique printing tote bag itself, plus the most topical appearance ornament and internal quality, is a series of fashion products designed for the young people, with light materials and versatile colors. After special treatment, tote bag is more low-key Still style.
Please choose a lighter tote bag

Tote bags are available in a variety of simple and classic styles. Has been widely recognized by the market, the so-called classic, is originally after the test of time, do not have to rush to follow the market, from the psychological analysis of the majority of customers,if a bag is used for a long time, it must first be of high quality. only the best design can not be eliminated, and the best quality can be wear-resistant and durable. this is the most basic truth. Design tote bags with a variety of casual, show their own personality, show the desire for freedom of the concept of life, in order to achieve "immutable." Here reminds everybody once, can match gives own individual character just calls the United States! Can match out of their own character is king!

Many people are concerned about whether the tote bag will fade in the washing process. Correctly speaking, the cotton tote bag will fade a little in the washing process, which is also a normal phenomenon associated with the pure cotton fabric, such as the dark pure cotton t we usually wear. But this is also one of the unique charm of tote bag. After being washed and slightly decolorized, the color is more natural, further highlighting the unique layer texture of canvas.

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