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Mar 18, 2020 01:40 am    

Printed T-shirts are no longer just clothes

Many people who like printed T-shirts like its uniqueness. People who wear printed T-shirts know that this is self-expression, even if others do not understand what you are printing.

A famous American artist once said: "the symbol of an era is fashion, not just clothing." When graffiti has gradually become a street culture accepted by most people, when personality is becoming more and more popular, and when art is more and more valued and applied by all aspects of society, hand-painting begins to jump to the fashion stage.

In fact, hand-painted shoes, hand-painted bags, hand-painted stone, are the evolution of street graffiti, but the carrier has been transferred from a variety of walls to a variety of products that can be used in people's lives. In the graffiti stage, printed T-shirt derivatives also came into being, just like today's popular handmade soap, printing their favorite patterns on the original pure white products to become brand products, such a brand is not called Nike, Adidas, not Converse, but "self".

Self-aesthetic, self-taste, self-thinking, self-creation, self-personality. This series of self-statements are gathered on a seemingly simple but meaningful printed T-shirt to show a living self. Many people may look down on this cheap thing, but remember, it is not cheap, even if it is cheap, it is a price. Creativity and self will never be "cheap". Today's social development, creativity and self are priceless.

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