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Oct 08, 2019 01:52 pm    

Personalization has always attracted people's attention, and it is also very popular. Whether it is a simulation pillow or a variety of network expression pillows, are mainly peculiar. Let's take a look at some popular personality pillows.

1.Emoji Pillow

The lovely expression is wrapped around the pillow, which is no longer the rigid ordinary pillow. This pillow gives you the urge to hold it. Multifunctional pillow quilts can be folded up and used as pillows. It can be used as a pillow or quilt for lunch break.

2.Lovely Dog Pillow

There are all kinds of realistic expression pillows, such as blunt expression, white teeth expression, squint expression, staring expression, despising expression, as well as surprise Akita, dull sprouting Akita, bad laughter Akita and so on. As long as you want the expression, we can do on the pillow, so that this pillow is very personalized.

  1. Funny Creative Food Pig Crowing Pillow

What do you think of this big pig's hoof? Can anorexia be treated? You want to hold the pig's hoof pillow and look at the greasy, but hold it, you will feel its softness and warmth. A highly simulated pillow, placed at a deli or pork vendor, will surely allow passers-by to stop and check so that customers may be interested in your store and have a desire to buy.

4.Personality Reward Pillow

This personality reward pillow is printed with the theme of "Happy Baby" and some words, which can give children a lot of encouragement. When educating a child not to be based on luxury goods, the most important thing is to praise him, so that he will be very confident. This award can also include the themes of "Good Husband", "Good Wife", "Good Father" and so on, which can make family life more harmonious and happy.

Oct 15, 2019 08:57 am

It’s so nice, I’m gonna buy one.

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