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May 19, 2020 06:42 pm    

Many people will install bathroom shower curtains in the bathrooms without shower rooms, which can separate wet and dry, and at the same time ensure that the space activities are spacious enough.

Next, I'd like to share with you some common bathroom shower curtain matching schemes. Let's see which one is more suitable for your bathroom!

1.Geometric grid shower curtain

The shower curtain with geometric or grid pattern can make the space more beautiful and natural with simple line sense
geometric ,grid ,shower curtain<br />
simple, line,bathroom

2.Plant pattern shower curtain

Plants are full of vitality and fresh elements. When they are matched in a small bathroom, the effect of dressing up is also very natural and comfortable.

3.Animal pattern shower curtain

Corresponding to the fresh plant ice-cold feeling, the symbol of liveliness and life of animals can make the bathroom more lively and comfortable.

animal pattern,flamingos,shower curtain,bathroom

4.Character pattern shower curtain

The combination of letters or numbers is used to make the pattern of the shower curtain. The simple and intuitive layout is very in line with the aesthetic and pursuit of young people.

Generally speaking, I personally prefer to match the bathroom with a geometric grid pattern shower curtain. What kind of shower curtain pattern do you like?

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