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Apr 28, 2020 03:30 am    

Combined with the waterproof effect of shower curtain, choose the most suitable shower curtain. Nowadays, in many family bathrooms, owners usually partition the shower and bathroom cabinets. Many people generally like to hang shower curtains. Compared with the choice of glass barriers and the structure of shower rooms, shower curtains are not only more economical, but also can be changed frequently. Especially for small bathrooms, shower curtains waterproof effect is very good, but also the best partition. It can save some space and protect privacy at the same time.

fresh, spacious, bright, bathroom, green plant shower curtain

It is very important to buy different designed shower curtains at different times. It can make the bathroom neat, so which shower curtain is better? Which shower curtain is not waterproof will affect its use? There are usually several kinds of shower curtains: one of the textiles, this type of shower curtain has a poor waterproof effect, and the second type of polyester, this kind of shower curtain waterproof effect is better.

In the choice of shower curtain waterproof effect, but also consider the overall with their own decoration. Generally speaking, many owners like to choose elegant shower curtains, which not only strengthens the style of the bathroom, but also makes the monotonous bathroom have visual impact, and enriches the atmosphere of bathing at the same time. At the same time, select a certain length under the premise of choosing the waterproof effect of the shower curtain to keep the distance from the ground. Of course, in order to prevent the shower curtain from sticking to the body when taking a bath, you can choose to hang. When choosing a shower curtain, the family will consider whether it is environmentally friendly, consider the waterproof effect of the shower curtain, and consider the pattern of the shower curtain. The pattern chooses the childish cartoon pattern, when the child takes a bath, it will blend into a very warm and fairy tale space. Of course, young people generally choose waterproof, but also choose simple monochrome patterns on the color elements.

In short, when choosing a shower curtain, whether you choose the waterproof effect of the shower curtain, or choose a certain texture, or choose rich and colorful patterns, or the material is more high-quality, this situation varies from person to person, everyone has his own choice, the choice suitable is the most important.

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