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There are tens of millions of DIYT-shirt patterns, and the rectangular pattern occupies eighty. Choosing a rectangular pattern will give the impression of a hard-core girl, and the edges of the rectangular frame are generally thinner than the waist, and they can also be thinner when matched.

Simple wild custom T-shirt creative pattern

Art paintings are also very popular patterns. Different styles of oil painting patterns are easy to match. Wearing them is like putting famous paintings on your body and seeing the world to yourself. In this square patterned T-shirt, black and white are the most inclusive colors, so it is also the least likely to conflict with the colors in the painting. It is also the most convenient and simple to match, and has the beauty of modern art.
Simple wild custom T-shirt creative pattern

Have you ever thought that you can still enjoy the feeling of bulky junk food when wearing a T-shirt? It can help you do it. T-shirts are printed on things that I usually dare not indulge in, and I worry about when I eat them. Even the T-shirts exude their aroma, and my stomach can't help but make a sound. Whether it's a food or a t-shirt full of food, it's eye-catching and mouth-watering.
Simple wild custom T-shirt creative pattern

The big letter Logo T-shirt is very personal, but the text-decorated T-shirt is more versatile and the texture looks better than white T. Letter patterns are not only a property of street style, they can also be very artistic. This kind of t-shirt design effect, such as a rectangular pattern, is sometimes even more stunning. Like this one, the combination of letters and rectangular color blocks has a more design sense. The edges and corners of the rectangle are matched with the rounded letters to create different aesthetics.

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