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Nov 06, 2019 03:07 am    

Small and pure and fresh style household decorates in contemporary
Society extensive popularity,and more apply in the home outfit of young people,especially single female.Because it is pure and fresh,natural,transparent,a bit won’t bring a person depressive feeling.After a hard day,we need such a comfortable environment.

In the pure and fresh bedroom that lives in such sunshine abundant, the disposition that also can let user becomes cheerful and lively, this also is the influence place that the environment changes to the person latent shift.If there is nothing on the sofa at home, will it feel a little empty? At this time, you need some pillows and colorful creative pillowcases to fill your sofa. Using custom pillowcases can not only make the environment more atmosphere and affordable, but also change the style frequently

small pure and fresh household decorates effect drawing

Comfortable and round white sofa, deserve to go up two groups of blue and yellow-green custom-made throw pillowcase, it is absolutely matchable. Whole sitting room is made with white base, deserve to go up fresh lake blue, and use yellow-green as ornament.

small pure and fresh household decorates effect drawing

Not as transparent as the last small fresh living room, this one is a very comfortable type. Soft woolen fabric sofa, a row of different shapes, similar color pillow. With a gentle fawn, the whole living room is a little more forest style. It's more suitable for lovely girls of literature and art.
small pure and fresh household decorates effect drawing

To say white little fresh, that's my favorite. White fabric striped sofa with delicate edge on the pillowcase. The small living room is like a princess room. But from the material of the pillow case, it can reflect the elegance and quality of women.
small pure and fresh household decorates effect drawing

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