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Mar 05, 2020 10:30 pm    

What commemoration is, "memory" is the "memory place". The pace of time hastily, no matter how brilliant and profound people or events are, there will gradually fade out people's vision and memory over time. The most important significance of commemoration is to evoke people's memories, and never forget the greatness. There are so many people and things to commemorate, and the days are only 365 days, so many people choose to commemorate the past with an item, such as a commemorative custom T-shirt.
What is not forgotten? Nietzsche said: "He learned from this that the great things that once existed were possible anyway and will be possible again; he was more courageous in his own way.
Remembrance of Haizi is to commemorate those spring flowers, the sadness healed by the sun and the kindness nourished by dreams. It is not only Haizi, not just the memory of idealism, but also in this era of high speed and quick success, we It is even more necessary to retain some pure and enthusiastic verses to remind people to stop and look at spring, the stars, and the sea. Print spring flowers on custom T-shirts, printed in your heart.

Some people things have been dormant but the commemoration has never stopped

Commemorating Kobe is a dream blossoming, pursuing the ultimate tenacity, and the black Mamba spirit that will always flow in the blood of every sports person and everyone who likes you. What is achieved is basketball, but what commemorates is the competitive spirit of sports. This is a commemoration of the times, and for everyone, it is a life of chasing faith and a youth who loves basketball. It is worth remembering. Since then 24 is not only the number of Kobe's uniforms, but also my belief in custom T-shirts.

Some people things have been dormant but the commemoration has never stopped

Commemorating Wuhan pneumonia is the kindness and heroic dedication of ordinary people. It is the light gathered by the shining stars. It is a testimony of warmth flowing in the blood of Chinese people. It is not the impression of "Chinese indifference". It is not just a memorial The light of Wuhan pneumonia, as well as rot and unbearableness, but the Chinese did not choose to turn a blind eye and did not choose to remain silent. Everyone has a fever and a light for a better tomorrow, and there is no need to wait for the torch. The word for Wuhan to cheer is that young people are no longer indifferent, they are Chinese people ’s aspirations, and they are customized charity T-shirts with their own wings.

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