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May 15, 2020 02:20 am    

T-shirt is one of the most common and popular styles, no matter what brand clothing, more or less there will be T-shirt style clothing. In this rapidly developing society, clothing is not only for us but also for aesthetics, as well as a way to show our individuality. Therefore, now many companies or individuals are keen on customizing t-shirts to show their own personality, and at the same time, it can also increase the cohesion of the team.

A simple custom T-shirt, but there are many different uses, according to the printing patterns, application scenarios, T-shirt customization can be roughly divided into the following six.

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Commodity T-shirt

This T-shirt is mainly aimed at social consumers and is also a T-shirt for the distribution channel of ordinary goods. It is also the most common T-shirt.

Advertising t-shirts

This is a T-shirt for advertising. T-shirt belongs to an advertising medium, its content can be commercial advertising or political advertising public service advertising. Mainly used in these fields. These custom-made t-shirts usually don't require long wear and are basically "disposable products," so the fabric will be cheaper.

Travel T-shirt

This kind of tourist T-shirt has a certain status in the foreign tourist souvenir market. General tourist attractions, places of interest, the cultural landscape is a mass of tourist T-shirts shops. Only the tourist T-shirt is the most representative national culture. Regional culture, natural landscape culture, and political history culture t-shirts, they are often used in these areas.

Organization T-shirt

It can be organized into international community organizations, small groups, bands, and other groups and organizations, it is mainly used in these aspects, this T-shirt of my own is always proud and happy. Including our class uniform, school uniform, is also a kind of group T-shirt.

Subject T-shirt

It is mainly applicable to major historical disciplines, cultural entertainment projects, political activities, celebrities' interesting things above some activities. These events will also be reflected in t-shirts. To satisfy people's desire to participate in and commemorate emotions. For example, the 1998 World Cup brought about a large number of themed t-shirts and achieved considerable social and economic benefits. This kind of significance and influence is very big.

Brand T-shirt

Many brands also produce their own branded t-shirts to achieve advertising and publicity effects, as well as reputation and profits. Therefore, its use is great.

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