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T-shirt customization , T-shirt T-shirt customization How to judge? How to judge the quality of the T-shirt T-shirts High, blindly cheap, and the quality is not very common.

T-shirt customization at the annual meeting
There are a lot of people who buy clothes or look for manufacturers to customize T-shirts. The quality of clothing is only based on the surface, as long as they feel the stitches on the surface of the custom clothing are fine, straight, and threaded. Clean, ironed and flat, I feel that this clothing is of good quality. In fact, it is not correct to judge the quality of the tailor-made clothing based on the surface part, or to judge the quality is not comprehensive, because the quality of a custom-made clothing is superior or inferior, and these are only apparent on the surface. Determine part of the standard. The following annual meeting of Longgang T-shirt T-shirt custom manufacturers to give you a detailed description of the quality of the custom T-shirt culture shirt quality.
T-shirt customization at the annual meeting

In fact, in the process of custom-made T-shirts and T-shirts, the quality of T-shirt culture shirts is not good. In addition to the above factors, we must look at other factors. First of all, we must look at the fabrics of the clothing. The styles and fabrics often have a very close relationship. Some clothing styles are not suitable for fabrics. If the selected fabric is not correct, then the garments that are made will often have a taste that is similar to that of God. In addition, the quality of the fabric is also an important criterion for the quality of the garments. Many companies are custom-made T-shirts. In the short-term, the pilling, hair loss, discoloration or deformation will occur in the employee. In this case, even the best workmanship is not a good dress.

T-shirt customization at the annual meeting

Secondly, the quality of the custom-made clothing depends on the type of clothing. What is a plate type? A plate type is like a person's body. If the ratio is not coordinated, it will give people a feeling of beauty. In the same way, the shape of the clothing is also the same. If the T-shirt is not good before the production, then the best workmanship and fine fabrics are all busy, and the clothes will not be good. Upper body effect. The plate type can be said to be the soul of a garment, which requires the experience and vision of the garment board maker. When the clothing is made at the beginning of the production of a pattern, the size of the place should not be less, the lesser places must not be more, so that the customized clothing will fit, the upper body effect will be good. In reality, we have seen a lot of workmanship is very fine, but no matter who wears it, it is bloated, invisible clothing.

T-shirt customization at the annual meeting

Therefore, when we judge the quality of a T-shirt culture shirt in a custom annual meeting , we must consider the above three factors in a comprehensive way. Only three aspects are perfect to be considered a quality clothing. Of course, for some laymen who don't know how to make garments, it seems a bit difficult and not realistic to use the latter two criteria.

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