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A custom floor mat is indispensable in each of our homes. What looks unattractive is quite practical. Therefore, as the first procedure for household registration, the placement of the floor mats at home is very important. We remove the dust from the soles of our feet, and we can bring home as many unclean things and bad gas fields as possible. So here comes the problem! Some people magnify the floor mat outside the door, and some people magnify the floor inside the door. Is it placed outside or inside?
If it is a custom home mat, it is recommended to put one outside the door and one inside. The floor mat outside the door is mainly used to block large particles of dust outside. It is recommended to choose a plastic floor mat with small holes that can leak the dust, and the cost is low; the floor mat inside the door is mainly subjected to secondary filtering, leaving subtle Dust is generally not easy to get dirty and easy to clean. Although two were put in, but the cost was not much, but it solved a big problem.

The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect

Household floor mats are also necessary small items for each of our households. Today we will specifically introduce how to place the floor mats in the four places, including the entrance, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Learn them

  1. The role and attention of floor mats
    The main function of the floor mat is to remove the dust and stains we bring on our feet, creating a clean and tidy indoor environment. Floor mats are used in many places, including home entrance doors, kitchens, hygienic homes, bedrooms, etc.
    Many people don't know that obscure floor mats have an effect on feng shui. In the old saying, the door of a house is also used as a mouthpiece, which means that the door of the house is very important. An analogy is the mouth of the same person. So the location, cleanliness and neatness of the home door are very important! If you look at the floor mats in front of your house now, hasn't it been cleaned for a long time? If there is no care for a long time, and it is dirty and old, how can you have good luck? The following is the floor mat selection corresponding to the gate according to Feng Shui:
  2. If the door is open in the west and northwest, the color of the fortune is golden, because golden symbolizes nobility and purity, and you can also choose earth and earth (yellow) for gold. , Can bring good luck and wealth, but also increase children's reading luck.
  3. If the door is opened in the north and the color of the shipment is blue, you can also choose gold and gold (yellow) raw water. Because the north is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to promote the cause, you can place it in the north of the living room Blue or yellow carpets are good for your business.
  4. If the door is open in the south, the color of Feng Shui is red. Because the south is a fire, you can also choose wood or wood (cyan) raw water. Therefore, placing red, purple, or cyan floor mats here can fill your family. Motivation brings both fame and fortune.
  5. If the door is opened in the east and southeast, the color of the fortune is green, because the five elements of the east and southeast belong to wood, green is the main color of the tree, and water, water (blue) raw wood can also be selected. significance. Laying blue or green carpets here has a positive catalytic effect on family and wealth.
  6. If the door is opened in the southwest and northeast, the color of the shipment is yellow, because the five elements in the southwest and northeast belong to the territory. Yellow in China represents nobleness and wealth, and you can also choose fire, fire (red, purple). At the same time, this position is dominated by wisdom and marriage. If the yellow carpet can be placed in this position, it will bring strong wealth and marriage and beauty.
  7. How to choose the material of household floor mats?
    The materials of the floor mats are relatively diverse, there are many types of floor mats, silk loop foot pads, flocking floor pads, rubber floor pads, polyester floor pads, diatom mud and so on. When buying, you must first consider where in the home it is used and what it is used for, so that you can buy the floor mats that you want.
    Doors or homes: Try to choose floor mats that are easy to clean, and at the same time be simple and atmospheric. For example, wire pads often used on cars are very good. This is used by small editors, which is very easy to clean and flush with water. It can be done, and it is very ash-absorbing and very resistant to dirt.
    The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect

    Take a look, the effect is not bad, simple atmosphere and face, dirt-resistant and good-looking.
    Bathroom or room: try to choose a mat with good water absorption performance, pay special attention to non-slip, because the bathroom is always prone to a lot of water, now there is a diatom mud mat, although this kind of mat is a bit more expensive, but the water absorption is particularly good, And no odor.
    The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect

    Kitchen: The kitchen has a lot of oil smoke and water stains, so the floor mats are often easy to become oily and dirty, because it is better to choose a cotton flocking floor mat because it is cheaper, and a few more are easy to replace, even if it is thrown away. Heartache. If possible, choose a darker one, as it is more resistant to dirt. Generally, we will choose one long and one short long hair, and the back should be non-slip.
    The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect

    The floor mat in the bedroom is usually placed next to the bed, and you can step on it when you get off the bed barefoot, so that it will not feel very cold. You must choose some soft and pollution-free, which can be microfiber or cotton, after all It is in direct physical contact.
    The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect

    The floor mats that every home has have such a great effect
  8. Note:
    1) The floor mat must be easy to clean.
    2) If your home is covered with floor heating, do not choose a backing material behind the floor mats, otherwise the temperature of the floor heating will increase and the floor will be degummed and damaged.
    3) Try to choose a dark pattern with a complicated pattern so that it is not dirty.
    Floor mats are available to each of our households. When buying, we must consider where to put them and what role they play. As for whether they are placed outside or inside the door, we must make judgments based on the actual situation.

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