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May 16, 2020 01:50 am    

While people are keen to buy houses, they also begin to pay attention to interior decoration. People with conditions will do a good job in the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom. This zoning design can provide a lot of convenience for our daily life. But the rented house is not necessarily as we like, there is no partition bathroom, with a soft shower curtain to do the partition, can make the wash more ritual.

macaron, mosaic, small square, fresh, shower curtain

Using shower curtains to separate the bath space can make us feel more secure. If we happen to rent a house with only one bathroom with friends, such a partition can also provide a lot of conveniences. One to take a bath and one to wash our face and brush our teeth. Save the time of waiting. Fresh macaron color, painted into a mosaic small square, there is a kind of wall tile texture, color collocation has no fixed law, seems to be free, add a trace of vitality to the cold bathroom.

green plant, waterproof and mildew proof, shower curtain

The plant style shower curtain can be said to be a must for a fresh home, and the green is full of vigor and vitality. If there happens to be a bathtub at home, you can enjoy the time to take a bath. Polyester fabric waterproof and mildew-proof, cleaning up is also simple and convenient, will not wither spring, become the highlight of the bathroom.

playful, fruit-filled branches, pastoral style, shower curtains

It's also a natural vitality. The rural style shower curtain is a bit more playful, like a branch full of fruits, and your shower curtain is also full of sweetness. In fact, the transformation of the bathroom is not difficult. This kind of perforated shower curtain is also very friendly to the novice, and easy to disassemble, which also brings convenience to the subsequent cleaning work. The length of the shower curtain should be about 5cm away from the ground to avoid piling on the wet ground, which will easily get moldy and dirty.

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