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Mar 06, 2020 09:19 am    

As people more and more pursue a high quality of life, make the personality throw pillow is deeply loved by everyone, more and more become home life, interior decoration, office white-collar favorite single product. Throw pillow case customization has also become a lot of buyer's favorite procurement methods.

Traditional throw pillow in style design and pillow about the same, and contemporary throw pillow in pillow case style design more fashion novelty and decorative, so throw pillow case custom can start from what aspects?

Custom style
With the continuous progress of society, people's aesthetic consciousness has also changed a lot. There are many kinds of throw pillow styles. In addition to the common square pillow, there are also various shapes such as a star-shaped pillow, cartoon shaped pillow, fringe decorated pillow and so on. The square bolster is the most popular choice at present.

Customize Pattern
As for the design of the throw pillow cover, you can convey the elements you want to express to the designer or communicate with the designer to decide the final layout of the design. If you have no idea about this, you can also refer to the pattern in the product. In addition, in the process of throw pillow case customization, we must find a professional pillow case customization website, because the printing effect and design effect directly affects the quality of finished patterns.

Custom Fabric
What kind of material does the pillow case that can be seen everywhere in daily life have? In pillow case customization, cotton, linen, silk, and other materials are widely used. Different pillow case fabrics will give people different feelings. Silk fabric is more soft and comfortable. cotton and linen fabric are more suitable for summer use.

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