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Dec 03, 2019 07:00 am    

In the world of promotional products, custom-made tote bags occupy the supreme position. In terms of popularity, they are neck-and-neck with branded pens, and it's not hard to see why.

Tips for creating a custom tote bag

As a marketing professional, you may like to hand out tote bags at trade shows and events because they are very good at advertising your brand-tote bag have made more than 7000 impressions in their lifetime. Tote bags leave the house and act as walking billboards, so they offer a huge return on investment.

Another selling point of brand tote bags is that there is actually a large space for cooperation. If you have a special logo, phrase or image that you want to clearly present on the front and back of some stolen goods, the promotional tote bag can do the job. Tote bags are also loved by the recipients: they are practical and versatile, and are very suitable for collecting stolen goods in industry activities. (Think about it – branded swag that holds other branded swag...nice!). Everyone has a use or three or twelve for another tote, so people tend to hang on to them for a long time.

At totebagscustom , we make designing your promotional products super simple, and we always have helpful customer service agents available for guidance, but it does help if you know a couple of simple tricks and tips before embarking on your first promotional tote endeavor. Use this guide before getting started, and make sure to check out some awesome branded tote bag ideas to ensure that your giveaways hit the mark.

As you probably know, promotional tote bags come in many shapes, sizes and styles that can be customized to suit your particular needs. We can help you choose the right promo totes based on your specific event. Often, we recommend affordable, quick-ship tote bags for events like trade shows, job fairs, and conventions. These are lower cost options that can be filled with literature and other swag items for a relatively low price.

Tips for creating a custom tote bag

We also offer custom grocery tote bags that are specifically designed for taking to the market. These totes are perfect for companies that focus on the environment (since they can be reused again and again) or food.

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