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Mar 20, 2020 01:54 am    

Customized t-shirts are gradually becoming popular among young and fashionable groups, becoming the symbol of a group. It is also very enlightening for the development of corporate culture. Internet companies have also begun to customize their own corporate t-shirts; group outings, group building, activities, etc. will also customize their own corporate t-shirts. When customizing shirts , the patterns printed on clothes bring more possibilities and fun to our shirts. Most of these patterns are inspired by natural creatures, mountains and rivers, various flowers, animal prints, etc., which can not only enrich the shape, but also show personality. Rich in style, suitable for all ages, you can create any style you want. What are the printing pattern trends for 2020 cultural shirt customization?

1.Culture shirt custom pattern-elegant flowers
From ancient times to the present, in the writings of many literati and scholars, she often compares beautiful women to flowers, or uses flowers to set off beautiful women. ". The flowers are abstracted into a pattern and printed on a cultural shirt, which is placed on the body, and the beautiful flowers are used to set off the beautiful posture of the woman. The blooming beautiful flowers are simple and elegant, such as the spring sun and the wind, the spring in the summer, and the warm sun in the autumn. They penetrate into the bottom of the heart, with extreme luxury and high-level atmosphere, giving a beautiful visual feast.

2.Cultural shirt custom pattern-landscape printing
The beautiful landscape is abstracted into a painting and printed on the cultural shirt through flocking, which is novel, interesting and extraordinarily charming. You can feel their charm intuitively by wearing such life-like clothes. Wearing aura full of scenery on the body, the whole heart is crisp. Compared to the whole landscape with landscape maps, T agency editors recommend this landscape print and other simple basic items.
There are simple and complicated. When the color of the cultural shirt is matched, you can match it with a solid color. If you want to keep it in a safe range, it is safer. These basic items can be achromatic or other light colors.


  1. Customized pattern of cultural shirt-mountain wild national style
    The combination of the mountain base tone and the ethnic print, such as the very hot Paisley print before, shows the personality very much. With warm brown, vibrant light green, and dazzling dried leaves like fire ... These beautiful natural colors complement the ethnic print.


  1. Cultural shirt custom pattern-natural texture
    The growing popularity of natural texture printing is one of the latest trends in printing & patterning this fall and winter. The design is inspired by nature, cracked rock textures, mountains and rivers, and other landform textures, mineral textures.


  1. Cultural shirt custom pattern-pane
    Various types of plaids are strongly returning to the runway, such as the houndstooth and panes on the Chanel 19 autumn and winter show. This simple pane has a unique charm and a grid of different sizes. The design of connection points, color stitching ..., a mix of various popular elements.


  1. Cultural shirt custom pattern-leopard print
    Leopard print is a hot element in recent years, its fashion tension is very strong, very prominent personal style. Its wild and sexy, extremely lethal, with its "eye-catching" halo, particularly eye-catching. In the autumn and winter of last year, Forte Forte made extensive use of animal elements, and the wild leopard pattern was one of them.
    The leopard pattern is still the hot element of this year. The leopard pattern is stitched in the part of the cultural shirt, which is elegant and elegant. The simpler and easier the leopard print is, the easier it is to manage, because the leopard print is complicated enough and eye-catching, just need to match the simple basic items. Other accessories can also be used as embellishments, such as scarves, earrings, bracelets. 

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