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In charity activities, each volunteer is contributing their own strength. In fact, it is not difficult to find that no matter what kind of public welfare activities, there will be special volunteer clothing. First, of course, distinguishing identities. Wearing volunteer clothing indicates that they are volunteers. We can ask them for help. Second, volunteers Clothing can be printed with content related to the event, more concise. Finally, for volunteers, each piece of volunteer clothing can actually be used as a commemoration. Collecting volunteer clothing for activities that you have done is also a very meaningful way.

Volunteer clothing volunteer volunteer custom T-shirt design

Volunteer Clothing-Glory Project
Focus on rural education to illuminate a happy future. To help rural education, Zhengrong spares no effort. The "Glorious Plan" special action for rural education public welfare IP will link regional companies across the country, so that children who live with us under the same blue sky will also have the opportunity to learn cultural knowledge and explore the thousands of worlds. ; Improve the learning environment, enrich after-school life, enrich teachers, open the door to rural education with love and warmth ... grow together, cultivate the future, pass on the fire, and make happiness everywhere.
Volunteer clothing volunteer volunteer custom T-shirt design

Volunteer clothing-hand-painted wishes
On the pure white T-shirt, there are dense innocent blessings: this is the staff of Zhengrong Public Welfare Foundation “Tao Li You Meng · Rong Yu Fu” and 5 volunteers of Zhengrong Group visited Hunan Channel Shan Autonomous County in April this year At the 9 schools in Shanghai, the children of the school gave them a “gift” when they learned that Zhengrong 21 Siqing was about to come. Giving someone a rose, there is a fragrance in his hand; thanksgiving, letting the good pass: we will give the donation to the children, and the children will give thanks and hope back, condensing such a cultural shirt exclusive to our foundation. There are no colorful colors, no dazzling patterns and patterns, but it makes us feel precious.

Volunteer clothing volunteer volunteer custom T-shirt design

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