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How about fleece fabrics for custom hoodies? Fleece fabrics have strong warmth and have the same appearance as ordinary hoodies, except that they are fleece added on the inside for a softer texture. 

What about fleece fabrics for custom hoodies?

Ordinary custom hoodie
Ordinary hoodies are generally terry cloth, and the woven fabric is a fabric formed by pulling the strands of the fabric out of the fabric according to a certain regularity and a certain length through the machine. The texture of this fabric is plump and thick, the body is firm and thick, the elasticity, moisture absorption and warmth are good, the loop structure is stable, and it has good wearability. Mainly used as sportswear, lapel T-shirts, pajamas, children's clothing and other fabrics.
Fleece Custom Sweatshirt
The layer of fluffy short hair in the clothes is commonly known as fleece. In terms of materials, the fleece hoodie is not different from the ordinary hoodies we often see, except that there is velvet on the inside. The material on the inner layer is a bit like the inner layer of thermal underwear. Fleece hoodie is soft in texture, full in hand, lightweight and breathable, and has better warmth. There is also the effect of raising the wool fabric through post-finishing.
How to choose ordinary hoodies when customizing fleece hoodies. The price of plus hoodies will be higher than that of ordinary hoodies. If the budget is sufficient, of course, in the autumn and winter seasons, we will choose custom hoodies. 

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