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Dec 12, 2019 02:43 am    

What are the attention when custom hoodies with manufacturers?If the hoodie is mass customized, after identifying a customized manufacturer, you can ask the customized manufacturer to send a sample garment to make the final determination before placing the order. at this time, the customizer can truly see the overall details such as the texture and comfort of the T-shirt fabric.

What are the attention when customizing hoodies with manufacturers?

The cheap cultural shirt tooling can be customized, and if there are conditions, you can directly ask the manufacturer to help open a version and print a sample garment first. In this way, we can truly understand the printing process of the manufacturer. You probably know the fabric, quality and price differences between hoodies, and there are probably several alternative custom manufacturers or hoodie styles that can be used to design the pattern of hoodies.
What are the attention when customizing hoodies with manufacturers?

The work clothes T-shirt is custom-made, and after the pattern design is determined, the back process is relatively simple, that is, to determine the style of the custom hoodie and the color or quantity to send your own design pattern to the custom manufacturer and ask for the price. the price of the hoodie is basically fixed, and it is your design artwork that affects the custom price of the hoodie.
As a matter of fact, the process of customizing hoodie here is basically almost done, and the rest are specific communication and determination of some overall details. Hi-custon hoodie customized to answer more information for you.
What are the attention when customizing hoodies with manufacturers?

In addition, it is necessary to make a final confirmation with the manufacturer. how many pieces of different colors and sizes are there? When can you receive the hoodie, what kind of invoice you can issue, whether there are quantity or other requirements if you need to make up the order later, and whether the price can be customized at the previous price. And if you choose whether the screen printing can temporarily retain the version, whether you need to reopen the version when making up the order.

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