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Mar 18, 2020 02:07 am    

What are the matching skills of printed shower curtains

What are the matching skills of printed shower curtains

First, the collocation of printed shower curtain and space style:

1. For the choice of bathroom shower curtain itself and matching bathroom style, it is best to be simple and elegant with exquisite. The shower curtain with rich pictures and colors can expand the line of sight and add scene elements to the bathroom, especially suitable for white or concise style bathroom decoration. And the shower curtain with simple color is suitable for decorating the bathroom with many colors and miscellaneous colors, and the shower curtain with concise design and color can play a balance effect for the space, especially the vertical pattern and stripe shower curtain can extend the line of sight and make the complicated vision become single and concentrated.

2.The color of towels, curtains and shower curtains in the bathroom should be unified, thus forming a harmonious and comfortable bathroom space.

3. In the bathroom that has been all over the white, and then use a simple white shower curtain to match, the feeling of freshness and elegance will be brought into play to the extreme, and then it is precisely this piece of snow white that gives people a comfortable and clean feeling.

What are the matching skills of printed shower curtains

Second, the matching skills of printed shower curtains:

1. The shower curtain is not a tedious pattern, but like a silhouette of black flowers, with lilac flowers, can give people a mysterious and romantic feeling.

2. Use gorgeous yellow and purple flowers as the pattern of the shower curtain to make the bathroom appear more rich and noble.

3.The shower curtain had better not exceed three main colors, too many colors too miscellaneous eyes will produce discomfort, there should be a proper gap between the pictures, the curtain should have a large background color, the eyes will look comfortable, and the bathroom space will be comfortable.

What are the matching skills of printed shower curtains

It is said that it is difficult to choose something that suits you. When it comes to the shower curtain, you have seen the above shower curtain collocation. What are the tips and how to buy a suitable shower curtain? I believe you have read it so that you should have a better understanding of it. I hope it will be helpful to all of you.

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