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Font design has increasingly become the designers pay attention to the direction of the daily work of a variety of font designs will be applied to the design, what is it like logo, posters, web pages, books, T-shirt and so on, to understand the different font designs, you can let the shirt pattern With impact and appeal. Editors share some font types, from which you can take a look at what fonts should be equipped with their own custom cultural shirts .

What font should I wear with my T shirt?

Classic regular
This type of font is the most common typeface in daily life. The strokes are horizontal, vertical, concise and intuitive, and the recognition is better. Usually, the effect as a separate brand logo of the enterprise will be better.
Geometric line fun

The composition of the font is mostly based on geometric lines, and the structure is loose and compact. It can give a flexible and light visual experience. Compared with the fonts that are mainly block-faced, this type of font gives people art, nature, The sense of softness is the preferred font type for displaying literary small fresh cultural shirts.

What font should I wear with my T shirt?

Round and cute

The internal gap of the font is small, the shape is round and full, and the presented font gives people a comfortable and visual experience. However, how well the gap between the fonts is properly arranged is also a test of the designer's skills.
Hand-drawn fun type
This font has a variety of presentation forms, not limited to a style, chasing the natural and simple brush texture, but it also has to judge whether it is suitable for the presentation of cultural shirt patterns from the type of hand-drawn fonts.

What font should I wear with my T shirt?

Handwritten calligraphy type

This type of font needs a certain calligraphy foundation. The fonts swayed with brushes and ink are extremely infectious glyphs, and they are all unique. The style of font presentation is determined by the mood of the person at the time. The fonts presented are also more chic, traditional charm and temperament.
Creative divergence

This type of font creation space and rendering effect are mainly chasing the designer's personal emotional expression, and the rendering effect is always unpredictable.

What font should I wear with my T shirt?

Understanding the different types of fonts is more conducive to the design of the t-shirt , so that you can play with it regardless of the type of font, making the t-shirt pattern more interesting. 

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