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People nowadays are increasingly pursuing "personalization". From the rise of the smartphone era, the word personalization has revolved around us. From the use of food, clothing and housing to the development of personalization, so many people want to Customize your own personal cultural shirt, and the white cultural shirt is the best carrier here. The white cultural shirt can be customized with many creative and interesting patterns.
Creative pattern of white cultural shirt-comic illustration

What interesting patterns can be made with white cultural shirts?

The simple black lines are printed on the white t- shirt. Not only is it very simple and has minimalist colors, but it can also create many special patterns, and can also make custom T-shirts have their own attitudes and colors. Using this form will not make the whole cultural shirt look dirty, with a different simple color and second-dimensional feeling, it is a style that many people will like. And how to make the black lines dance on the white t-shirt is how the design burst out with colors.
The creative pattern of the white cultural shirt-the physical combination of comics

What interesting patterns can be made with white cultural shirts?

It is often seen that some friends with whimsy will combine the comics with the real things, creating a 2.5-dimensional splitting feeling, which can attract the attention of others in one second, and print such pictures on the white cultural shirt. It can give people the illusion of three-dimensional vision, and then use the real photos to increase the three-dimensional sense of the picture, such as 3D thick plates. It is simply the most interesting T-shirt in this street. This creative design is different from ordinary cultural shirts. The patterns that can be presented show your thoughts and interesting souls, who sees without saying "buy it!".
The white t-shirt is a carrier that can perfectly present the pattern for the pattern. It will not have the negative effect on the picture. It can also make the picture more cleanly presented. , So unless you have already figured out what color the pattern should match with, you still choose white to better show your personality and creativity.
Customizing a cultural shirt is not only a decision that individuals will make. White is also a necessary color for many companies to make corporate cultural shirts. Because white cultural shirts can perfectly display the company's logo pattern, they are also very versatile.

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