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Many companies now add cultural shirts to their employees, but many employees do not understand, is it just ordinary casual clothing? Is it necessary to painstakingly redesign the pattern, collect the size, and then hand it to the customization company for customization? Isn't cultural shirts just ordinary T-shirts? Why give it a special name? I will tell you what is the difference between a custom cultural t-shirt and a custom t-shirt to solve your confusion.

  1. The meaning of cultural shirts and T-shirts
    The cultural shirt originated in the United States. In a racing competition in the 1950s, athletes' round neck shirts were printed with patterns and various texts to become cultural shirts . In the 1980s, cultural shirts became popular in China. For Chinese people who experienced the 1980s, cultural shirts were their collective memory. T-shirts, also known as T-shirts and T-shirts, are one of people's favorite clothing in spring and summer, especially in the hot summer with extreme heat and extreme heat. T-shirts have the advantages of natural, comfortable, chic and dignified The gradual replacement of the old men's pattern of wearing a vest or undershirt plus a short-sleeved shirt or a Hong Kong shirt has appeared on social occasions and has become a seasonal dress that people are willing to wear. From this point of view, the difference between T-shirts and cultural shirts is that one shows individuality and the other shows collective commonality.
    What is the difference between a cultural shirt and a T-shirt? Why customize a cultural shirt?


  1. The rich cultural atmosphere on the cultural shirt
    It is undeniable that T-shirts are a good place to show your personality and attitude. Every summer, people will always wear a variety of T-shirts to take to the streets and become a beautiful landscape on the street. The cultural shirt is also a place to show personality, but it shows the collective personality. Take a company, for example, the company ’s custom-made cultural shirts show the company ’s image, but employees ’own T-shirts show their attitudes. Therefore, the culture displayed on the cultural shirt is more common and extensive, and the culture displayed on the T-shirt is more niche.
    What is the difference between a cultural shirt and a T-shirt? Why customize a cultural shirt?


  1. The use scope of cultural shirts is different
    In general, the use occasions of customized cultural shirts are for some group activities, such as company anniversary, group building activities and other large group activities. The pattern printed on the cultural shirt also narrows the use of the cultural shirt. Some companies will print their own company logo on the cultural shirt. If employees want to use it daily, this dress may not be very suitable ~ But the use of T-shirts is much wider than that of cultural shirts.
    What is the difference between a cultural shirt and a T-shirt? Why customize a cultural shirt?

So why do we customize cultural shirts ? A cultural shirt can not only maximize the spirit of the employees, but also leave a very good impression on customers. 

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