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T-shirts are believed to be the style that everyone wears, especially in summer and autumn. The appearance rate of T-shirts can be said to be the highest. A simple T-shirt can be matched with different styles. T-shirts are actually mainly T-shirt styles. Many people can easily confuse T-shirts with ordinary T-shirts. In fact, T-shirts and T-shirts are not completely equal. It can be said that some T-shirts are indeed cultural shirts and advertising shirts. 

What is the difference between advertising shirts, cultural shirts and T-shirts?

What is a t-shirt
Cultural shirt refers to a pattern that reflects a certain cultural content. The focus is on the term "culture". What is reflection culture? For example, the auspicious patterns of Olympic culture, Peking Opera masks, photos of singers, movie stars, cartoons, etc. all belong to reflecting culture.
What is an advertising shirt
Advertising shirts are generally used by companies and companies to promote clothing. They usually say "some company" or "some team", "how many years of activities" and so on. The main purpose is to publicize them. It's advertising.

What is the difference between advertising shirts, cultural shirts and T-shirts?

What is a T-shirt
T-shirts started from the T-shirt style we usually wear, but now they have become the general name for clothing such as advertising shirts and cultural shirts, and are accepted by people. T-shirts are divided into round-neck T-shirts and lapel T-shirts. Furthermore, they can be divided into cultural T-shirts and advertising T-shirts.
In general, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, and T-shirts are a type of clothing, but there are differences in printed content and different functions.

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