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Do you know the printing process of custom hoodie ? In fact, the printing process that many people overlook is also very important when customizing hoodies. Different printing techniques can be used for different patterns, and the effect may be very different. For example, the embroidery printing will be more delicate and three-dimensional. The silk screen printing is suitable for simple color patterns. The heat transfer printing has small color difference and beautiful colors ... We must not forget to consider the printing process when customizing hoodies . The editor will introduce to you what is the difference between a custom hoodie heat transfer printing and a light to deep turn.


What is the difference between custom hoodie heat transfer printing



Shallow transfer is only suitable for light-colored hoodies . Generally, it is only transferred on white hoodies. Relatively deep transfers, shallow transfers are cheaper. Because shallow transfers do not need to use the engraving machine to contour, you can cut them by hand after printing. After printing, the outline must be engraved on the engraving machine before it can be printed on the hoodie, so the cost is relatively high. Shallow transfer on the hoodie, there is a layer of transparent film, generally can not be seen without careful look.


This deep transfer flower is printed on a black custom hoodie. Therefore, it is necessary to add a black background to it. If the clothes are red, add a red background, and add a background color for clothes of any color. Screen printing can also be used like the picture above, but if the amount is small, the cost is more expensive than heat transfer.


What is the difference between custom hoodie heat transfer printing



In practical applications, deep transfer to heat transfer is a relatively extensive process. Because deep transfer is not limited in quantity, it is not necessary to pick the color of the clothes. Light transfer is not allowed, and it is generally limited to white hoodies.


If the printing color is relatively monotonous and the quantity is large, it is generally cheaper to use silk screen. If the printing color is complicated and there are gradient colors, but there are many, you can also use Koch heat transfer.


The effect of Coriolis heat transfer is very good, that is, a large quantity is required, and if the quantity is small, the cost is too expensive. As for deep turn and shallow turn, everyone's opinions are different and can only vary from person to person.



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