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Whether it is when buying clothes, or when buying some bedding, I believe that many people still value quality, and for those who do not know more professional knowledge, it is usually judged from the quality. Uncomfortable, thick and not thick, and airtight and other aspects to judge. However, this method of judgment may be somewhat biased. Therefore, knowing more about the fabric knowledge and knowing the characteristics of different fabrics can help us to select relevant products. Next, we will answer the questions of washing cotton. What fabric, washed cotton is cotton?


What is the fabric washed cotton is cotton

Is the washed cotton cotton?


In fact, water-washed cotton is not equal to cotton, but a survival process that processes fabrics at high temperatures.


After this treatment, the fabric feels softer, not easy to change and does not fade, no ironing, slight wrinkles in appearance, it will be particularly comfortable to use, and it will be thinner and softer than usual. It will be especially comfortable to use in spring and summer.




Washed cotton can be divided into 2 categories according to different materials:


One is natural cotton washed cotton, and the natural cotton washed cotton is made of cotton as the raw material, that is, the usual cotton washed cotton, the cost is higher, but it is more comfortable to use;

What is the fabric washed cotton is cotton

One is chemical fiber washed cotton, and the chemical fiber washed cotton is made of polyester as the main material (that is, polyester fiber). Compared with cotton, the biggest advantage of polyester is anti-wrinkle and non-glare, but the gas permeability is poor, and it is easy to pilling for a long time. If you want to buy cotton washed cotton, when shopping, look at the title of the word "cotton", or look at the parameters, the material column is not cotton.

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