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Custom hoodie, what kind of material is not easy to ball? Some material clothes are easy to ball, a piece of clothes together is considered waste. Therefore, we must first understand what fabric is before buying. So which kind of fabric is not easy for pilling for custom hoodies ? Let me introduce you below.

What kind of material does a custom hoodie make?

1.100% cotton fabric
This fabric is now a favorite fabric used by many people in custom hoodies. Because the texture of this fabric is better, the texture looks good, and it is not easy to pilling. If the pilling is not easy, it does not mean that it will not ping. The texture in the visual state will be good. This fabric is comfortable, soft, and sweat-absorbent, but it also has some disadvantages.
It is easy to become crumpled and deformed. In addition, it is easy to dye or change color because it is pure cotton. But if these shortcomings are not particularly concerned about the little fairy, you can try to start such a hoodie!
2.Wool fabric
It is not particularly common for wool fabric custom hoodies. Wool is a hoodie made from animal hair, so wool hoodie is a kind of natural and comfortable clothes. Hoodies made of wool are particularly warm, and they have a very soft hand. The clothes are also particularly thick, so in winter, hoodies made of wool are a must-have for most women.
But it also has certain shortcomings. It is easy to shrink and wrinkles easily after washing with water, so we ca n’t wash it with a washing machine, but wash it by hand, so that the damage to clothes made from wool is not so much It's big.
3.Linen fabric
Linen fabric is the earliest fabric used by mankind. It is made of natural plant fibers. Because of its good water absorption, strong tensile force, and high yarn count, it is a relatively high-grade fabric for many clothing fabrics. The manufacture of linen is mostly shuttle loom and rapier loom. Because it is soft, comfortable and absorbent, many sportswear is made of linen.
But the same, it is easy to deform and discolor, and it is easy to dye, but it is a fabric that is not easy to pilling.
4.Cotton and polyester mixed fabric
Fabrics made by mixing polyester and cotton at a certain ratio are not easy to pilling. This fabric is also a fabric that is easier for many businesses to use when making clothes. However, it is relatively hard to use as a custom fabric for hoodies. Compared with cotton, it is not so easy to deform, and it is not easy to change color or dye, but it is not as comfortable as cotton or wool fabrics.
These four fabrics in customizing hoodie choice hoodie to wear for a long time is not easy to play ball, custom hoodie addition to fabric, hoodie version of type, printing process, etc. are important.

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