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I believe that many people have seen more or less T-shirt customization cases online and offline . Sometimes, when facing a weird T-shirt group, I feel like "Hehe, what the hell ?! Let me make a comparison This is much stronger! ". In fact, how about we customize the T-shirts ourselves? The situation is that it is easy to imagine and it is really difficult to do it by hand. If we accidentally fall into the "T-shirt style-fabric-printing and other cycles". The editor of T Agency is a professional "expert" in customizing cultural shirts. Here we will introduce how to customize T-shirts.
I recall the first impression of T-shirt customization-"don't you put a pattern on your chest?" Custom T-shirts are centered on three major elements, the pattern is the core, the standard is "looking good", the product is the focus, and the standard is "comfortable". T-shirts are good-looking and comfortable, but what about bikes? As for price and quality, unless you talk to the conscience of the producer. Since it is a custom T-shirt, the customization process is the top priority.

Where can I find my own T-shirt? This article has 90% you want to know

1.T-shirt customization core-pattern
Customized T-shirts will create patterns according to the theme. T-shirts are developed around the major brands. Co-branded models are the way to capture the young consumer group. Tom and Jerry, Shook and Beta, Mickey and Minnie, take them along. The little friends together occupied the major brand counters. The visual labels of these patterns have been deeply rooted in people's hearts, no matter what brand or craft, buy it!
So whether it is Impressionist Fauvism, Bada Shanren or Qingming Shanghe Tu, there are very few T-shirt designs, but in all fairness, the quality of these works of art is beyond doubt, just a specific sales atmosphere. With the development of various creative and meitu apps in mobile phones, the quality of customized T-shirts will become higher and higher.

  1. T-shirt customization focus-quality
    As a customized product, the style and fabric of T-shirts are the determinants of our purchase, and this is also the biggest factor in repurchasing consumption. Most consumers completely lose interest in this after the first customization. The root of all this is that the quality of customized products has not been approved.
    Most of the normal custom T-shirts are made of pure cotton fabrics, mainly due to the wide applicability of the process and the large inventory of manufacturers, which is suitable for group customization. Secondly, some special needs such as quick-drying sweat-absorbent T-shirts, this type of customized T-shirts are suitable for wearing in hot conditions. Comfort is the most straightforward feeling, and a quality T-shirt can bring a comfortable wearing experience.
    Where can I find my own T-shirt? This article has 90% you want to know


  1. T-shirt customization top priority-printing process
    Most T-shirt customization processes are mostly screen printing or thermal transfer printing. The advantage of silk printing is that various colors are good and feel good. If there are a large number of customizations, you can consider choosing the screen printing process, which is extremely cost-effective. The thermal transfer process is the most widely used, and the custom T-shirt is also the simplest, most efficient, and cheapest method. The disadvantage is that it has poor breathability. The printing process applicable to different T-shirt fabrics is not necessarily the same. If you do not know which T-shirt and which printing process to choose, you can directly consult the online customer service of T agency ~
    Many custom users are worried about the post-maintenance of custom T-shirts, especially the need to spray white ink on dark fabrics. They are worried that the printing on the later T-shirts will have broken lines or uneven coloring. So it is not sure which T-shirt custom manufacturer should choose to make T-shirts. Choosing a T-shirt manufacturer with guaranteed quality is the first step in the success of our customized T-shirts . T agency customization, leading the entire customization industry with high-quality strength in the T-shirt customization industry, aims to provide high-quality customization services for each user.

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