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Mar 06, 2020 11:01 pm    

Why are the prices of T-shirts on the market different? Where can I make a custom t-shirt ? Many people customize T-shirts. In order to save money, they choose lower-priced manufacturers. They make a lot of money in the future. As a result, many problems have arisen without wearing clothes a few times. As the saying goes, a penny is a penny, let ’s talk about the difference in T-shirt prices on the market.

Custom t-shirts-bottom shirt prices
Undershirts have different prices, and the quality is naturally different. Buying a cheap T-shirt undershirt is easy to get a color difference, especially white! Many cheap T-shirts are not pure white but creamy. These T-shirts are also prone to yellowing, and the texture is rough when they are touched. After the cheap T-shirt was wet, the wetted area appeared mottled, and the saturation of each fiber was different. This can also prove that sweat absorption is not strong.
And good T-shirt bottoms are made of cotton material, the color and texture are naturally much better. And the cotton material has the characteristics of breathability, sweat absorption, softness, etc., it is more comfortable to wear, and the version of the clothes looks better.

Custom t-shirts-printing prices
In addition to the bottom shirt, the price difference can also be seen from the printing on the clothes, because there are some cheap printing, it is easy to stick to plastic and rubber products, and it may be degummed in minutes! Conversely, good T-shirt printing is smooth, indicating that offset printing is good.

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