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Looking at the white T-shirt in the closet, I always have the idea to draw a picture on it, draw a different one, and carry all my creations and ideas. Tired of white T, want to hand-painted T-shirts, but no way to start, then My text teaches you how to customize hand-painted T-shirts , print ideas on T-shirts, and let your creativity be realized.

Where to buy a hand-painted T-shirt

First, enter the custom entrance
Choose the T-shirt style you need. When choosing the bottom shirt of the custom T-shirt, because of the more styles, it is recommended to choose the appropriate customized solution according to the product catalog provided by the manufacturer. Note that T-shirts of different materials and styles will have an impact on the final output of the T-shirt.
Second, hand-painted pattern design
A personalized hand-painted T-shirt, the original design of the pattern and text is very important, is the essence of the entire diy creative process, the personality of the pattern is the main part of the personality of the T-shirt.

Where to buy a hand-painted T-shirt

Third, determine the production plan of the hand-painted T-shirt
With the development of technology, the T-shirt customization process is becoming more and more abundant, and different T-shirt customization processes will have a huge impact on the final effect of the T-shirt. After determining the T-shirt fabric, style, pattern, and craft, you can output the final product.
The hand-painted diy T-shirt carries the personality, prints the idea on the body, and feels the wind when you walk. Also want to customize the personality of the T-shirt students come and try it!

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