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Jan 19, 2020 10:54 pm    

Every time when you customize a T-shirt , the biggest difficulty is what kind of patterns should be printed. I want to make a unique and unique pattern to avoid the embarrassment of hitting a shirt. On the other hand, I don't know how to print some. There are many ideas, but I don't know which one to put into practice. 

Everyone has a heroic dream. When it comes to young people's favorite heroes now, they are Marvel heroes. There are countless heroic movies, but in the end, they won word of mouth and earned tears and box office. Now, from Iron Man who loved you 3,000 times, to your good neighbour Spider-Man, to the killing of tyrants, they are all very popular with young people. The Q version of Marvel is also countless, unlike movies. The heroes are so tough, the q version softens the lines and is more suitable for girls' patterns. It is not that boys have heroic dreams. Every girl can also have heroic dreams and girly hearts.

Speaking of the most painted ladies, the fan circle may also have a say. The stable operation of a rice circle, in addition to the business of idols, is the output of the wife, whether it is a fan map or a clip, It's one of the good ways to solidify the powder, and the powerful painters will always produce a lot of cute q version pictures, which have the characteristics of love beans and full of girly heart, who doesn't want to have The surroundings of the q-shirt T-shirts produced by the painters' wives were also robbed of their existence.

This year, the streets and alleys are on fire, and the animation of everyone who has a second-dimensional dream is "Nazi". The cute ball head is matched with sorrowful black eyes. Contrast Moe also concentrated the hearts of many girls The many years of decline have made the two-dimensional enthusiasts embrace the Japanese comics, but everyone is still looking forward to the rise of Guoman, which is the signal. Even the vulgar growth and bloody plot also saw China. The future of Guoman, and the image of Nezha, which is cute and dragging, is different from the protagonists of Guoman's overly strong sense of justice that has been liked.

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